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Shown in image:

     Faceted stones                                         Cabochons   
  (clockwise from right):                                 (top down):

     Bolivian Amethyst                                       Peruvian Blue Opal  
     Oregon Sunstone-Red Labradorite                              Holley Lavender Chalcedony
Afghan Blue-Green Tourmaline                American Golden Opal
     Jelly Orange Mexican Fire Opal               Mexican Fire Opal
     Afghan Tourmaline                                    Chrysoverdetm Natural Green Chalcedony
     Bright Yellow American Golden Opal
     Mexican Fire Opal

Oregon Sunstone - Red Labradorite

From our mines and some of our favorites, we would like to introduce our collection of center and calibrated faceted stones and cabochon cut stones.

We choose to offer only natural color gemstones in this collection. Availability is subject to mine production.

  • Center stones and matched earring pairs are available in both standard and designer cuts.
  • Our calibrated stones are designed to fit into standard settings.
            Square cuts
  •         Please contact us regarding special stones or specifications.

Gem Materials and Cuts available:

  Faceted Stones   Cabochons
  Himalaya Mine Tourmaline
Afghan Tourmaline
Oregon Sunstone-Red Labradorite
Bolivian and Arizona Amethyst
Mexican Fire Opal
Peruvian Blue Opal
California Citrine
California Champagne Quartz
California Golden Smoky Quartz
American Golden Opal
Red and Rhodolite Garnets
…and many more!
  Mexican Fire Opal
Peruvian Blue Opal
Peruvian Pink Opal
Holley Lavender Chalcedony
American Golden Opal
Nevada Gem Variscite
Nevada Turquoise
Chrysocolla Chalcedony
Himalaya Mine Tourmaline
Chrysoverdetm Natural Green Chalcedony

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